He told you he’d wake you up when it was over.
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Thomas started the fire to hatch his dragon eggs. THE FATHER OF DRAGONS!!



that’s jimmy riding thomas after allll



this makes me think of Haku from spirited away

dragon by day, human lover by night 

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Favourite albums

Reflektor // Arcade Fire

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  • A: an uplifting song
  • B: a song to listen to before you go to sleep
  • C: a song from a soundtrack
  • D: a song that reminds me of a fictional character
  • E: a song by a band I’ve seen live
  • F: a song that I’ve used as a ringtone at some point
  • G: a song to party your butts off to
  • H: a song that reminds me of my childhood
  • I: a song that gives me butterflies
  • J: a song by the beatles
  • K: a song I know all the lyrics to
  • L: an instrumental song
  • M: a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had
  • N: a song by a band I want to see live
  • O: a melancholic song
  • P: a song that I’d recommend you based on your blog
  • Q: a song to drive to
  • R: a song that I’ve listened to lots of times recently
  • S: a song by a band of your choice
  • T: a lovesong
  • U: a song that reminds me of a fictional pairing
  • V: a non-english song
  • W: a song with an amazing music video
  • X: a cover
  • Y: a song I’d send to my crush (imaginary, if you don’t have one)
  • Z: a randomly chosen song


The Strokes at Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC 10/31/01

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Reading fanfiction is the worst because you start out with “I’ll just read this cute one shot” then suddenly it’s four am and you have 12 tabs open and you’re crying again because THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY WHY CANT THEY JUST BE HAPPY

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oh look a band ask thingy


Send me a band and I’ll tell you:

•Which member I’d most like to cuddle

•Who I’d most like to bang

•Who I’d most like to go shopping with

•Who would be the best cook

•Who I’d most like to listen to records with

•Who I would write love poems to

•Who I would go to the beach with

•Whose wardrobe I would steal

•Who has the best hair

•Who I would want music lessons from

(Feel free to add 😉)

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Don’t leave me here with my tragic predictions.

awww pls don’t be sad

it’s always better to expect worst than to have high expectations and be disappointed later on

besides, thommy is one of those very very few gay ships, where it’s actually not crack and we had all those romantic moments, even if it was one-sided, but it’s better than nothing


talents include looking 12 and saying thank you to the bus driver

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Heeeee, "Strawberry Blonde" from your Thommy fanmix ruined my weekend (in a good way lol ), I'm addicted! <333



omg I KNOW!

i used to listen to it way before downton, but then found it again and was like fshhjbdvsadwefsdymnbvsd its so thommy

btw, love ur blog and all the jimmy and thommy goodness ꒰⁎ᵉ̷͈ ॣ꒵ ॢᵉ̷͈⁎꒱໊

Awwww, thank you head-pirouette ! =D


I didn’t even know that song (or the band) before. I guess they are just not so popular here in Germany… (or maybe I’m just too old lol).


omgg Jimmy is such a little treasure, i cant even

just imagine thomas singing to jimmy all those beautiful things like ‘you’re the star and I’m the blackened sky’ or that part ‘if we find the light and turn into ourselves, they’ll hunt us down like animals’ just fits their situation so much

im a masochist 

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Lady with the red bag
Twin Lakes, Mammoth

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Treat yourself like Thomas Barrow treats himself

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